Removing Ayin Horah Remotely- Over the phone!


B'H' even if people did not always immediately get what they were searching for (e.g. an immediate shidduch) nevertheless they seemingly are often helped in whatever problem their ayin horah was causing.

Due to the sensitive nature of this service, and absolute client confidentiality, we cannot give testimonials on the web site, however the following are some of the recent success stories from people who were treated by Sheva Tiheyenoh.

In the later numbers (from 16 onwards) emails received from clients have been pasted onto this page. The emails are verified to be 100% genuine by an independant law firm!!


The following will give you an idea of how IYH we can help you: In the following list 'done remotely' means the person treated was not present during the procedure, and were often in another country.

Success stories:


1) **People have reported immediate relief from chronic migraines, With one reporting sleeping through the night for the 'first time in years'. (done remotely)


2) **A man finally found a medication that worked for his pain after years of suffering. (done remotely)


3) **A medical solution was found for someone suffering from shoulder pain immediately after weeks of wrong diagnosis. (done remotely)


4) **A man suffering from chronic neck pain for years had relief shortly after procedure.


5) **A girl losing her hair found an immediate remedy and soon became a kalloh. (done remotely)


6) **Within 72 hours of ayin horah removal, a man with no parnossoh for 10 years was contacted by a bank from another country, and he now has a unique job with them.


7) **With two separate people- tooth complications were immediately sorted after months of unsuccessful treatment. (done remotely)


8) **A man received an unexpected high profile position after waiting years for it.


9) **A girl waiting years for a shidduch, became a kalloh soon after treatment by Sheva Tiheyenoh. (done remotely)


10) **People who claimed they were pursued by 'bad luck' reported a huge turnaround after removal of ayin horah.


11) **People have reported back that they have had an immediate tremendous 'yeshuoh' from 'problems they were unwilling to reveal' (done remotely)


12) **A non-religious woman was independently told by two separate 'kabbalists' she had a foreign 'spirit' in her body, but she claims it was removed after treatment by Sheva Tiheyenoh.


13) **A woman suffering from lower back pain for many weeks was cured within three days of the procedure. (done remotely)


14) **THIS WEEK!- Jan 2019- Someone ordered the procedure on behalf of a couple waiting 11 years for a child. Within a week of the pouring of the lead, they were informed the couple are expecting a baby IYH! (done remotely) (When Dovid HaMelech saw that six months after the Aron kodesh arrived to the house of Oved Edom, there was born to him 54 male babies , he saw that the Aron Kodesh brought brochoh (see Talmud Berachos 84a).- Even though the mothers must have become pregnant already 3 months before the Aron Kodesh arrived there! -Since the procedure done by Rav Hool involves various unique mitzvos, (to be explained on the phone before the procedure) it could be in this case, the mother became pregnant before the procedure in the zechus of the mitzvos that were going to be done during the procedure! After all, the future grandparents IYH received the good news only after  the procedure was done.

The Maharsham ztz''l actually uses this reasoning in a din Torah where a Rebbe gave a brochoh and it turned out the salvation was already 'in the pipeline' before the brochoh was given. The Maharsham proves from David Hamelech and the Aron that the salvation could still have been from the brochoh of the Rebbe!)


14) 06/2/19- We just received a call from the wife of a man who did the procedure two weeks ago for sleep problems. When asked if there was improvement since the procedure her response was "You cannot compare!''

She has ordered for two more people... 


15) 06/02/19- Procedure done remotely a few days previous for a dayan who had fever and sore throat. Today he tells Rav Hool ''already five minutes after the procedure I felt better! - Amazing!'' 



16) 10/02/19- Email received by Shevatiheyenoh: "Hi Rav Daniel!! Thanks !! First off BH!! My mother, after 3 months of wrong diagnosis and suffering they finally found out what was actually the issue! BH they put her on strong medication hopefully BH clear it all up! Amazing chasdei Hashem! BH for me I also feel a tremendous difference physically / mentally I generally have high anxiety BH BH after the procedure I feel a big difference in menuchat hanefesh / !! BH This is just a start BH"


17) 19/02/19- Man orders procedure for friend after success with his own remote procedure. He emails us "Yasher Kochachem! One day we will discuss the results of the work you did for me. B"H gevaldig!''


18) 19/02/19- Email received: "Hi Rabbi, hope you are well. Certainly some things changing in my life.. new job, and the ......... is moving along more swiftly. B"H.''


19) 20/02/19- We receive email from person who had remote procedure a five days ago "I definitely feel much lighter and more relaxed since you’ve done the procedures."


20) 2/03/19- Email received- "I just wanted to share the news that I Baruch Hashem passed the test I had spoken with you about. (This client had repeatedly failed an important exam she needed to pass) I want to thank Rabbi Hool again for removing my Ayin Haras!''


21) Shabbos 23/03/19- A man tells Rav Hool- "Remember you did the procedure and told me I have an issue with my left foot and I told you I have no issue at all! Well a few days later I had an accident and almost broke my left foot!" So it seems either the 'left foot-ayin horah' was detected but not destroyed, or indeed it was destroyed and that's why he didn't actually break his left foot!" (This has happened to a number of clients- where they had no ailments in the place identified in the lead, however shortly afterwards they had a 'lucky escape' with that very same limb.


22) 31/3/19- We receive email from woman with broken foot and stomach issues ( see 'The Lead Reveals' 11/02/19)- "BH everything healed amazingly! Thank you Hashem...''


23) 1/04/19- Rav Hool receives email from client three hours after procedure: "I already started to breathe easier. I felt as if something was putting pressure on me internally or something was blocking me. Thank you!''


24) 14/04/19- Rav Hool receives phone call from client who ordered two remote procedures a few weeks ago, telling us the diagnosis in both cases was absolutely accurate and in both cases there was definite improvement immediately after procedure, with massive improvement in one case.


25) 05/05/19- We receive email from someone who did the procedure for a shidduch a few weeks ago. She tells us that although she is still waiting for a shidduch, immediately after the procedure was done for her (same night) she finally received a work permit that she had been waiting for-for a long time.


26) 16/05/19- We were just told that a girl who was suffering from depression for months- had a major improvement within a week of the procedure. The procedure was done a number of weeks ago.


27) 22/05/19- We were just told the results of the procedure done two days ago for a woman who has sleep problems. Her husband tells Rav Hool "My wife told me she slept better last night than she can remember! It's amazing!"


28) 30/06/19- Rav Hool gets call from someone who was with his wife in the hospital after she was in labor for 6 hours...nothing moving. Rav Hool does the procedure. We get a call later in the evening-telling us that less than an hour after the procedure- things suddenly started to move and she swiftly gave birth to a healthy baby boy BH!


29) 11/07/19- We just spoke to client 3 weeks after procedure for his wife. He tells us "Yeah! No toothaches whatsoever since the procedure (she had toothaches the whole time beforehand!) and even though she has had some light headaches- they are much, much, much better, not camparable to the absolutely agonising headaches she had before the procedure! Thanks!"


30) 22/07/19- Email received from happy client who had remote procedure 4 days ago for arm that had hurt her for 2 years!!!!: "Good afternoon, So I told you I'd get back to you B"H my left shoulder pain does not seem to be around any more. I used to have a lot of pain when I lifted my arm straight up and now, B"H I can do so without pain. As far as my neck pain it seems to have subsided somewhat, sometimes I still have a stiff neck. As far as the stomach issues, I can't yet comment one way or the other. B"H that has given you this ability to help people like me. Tizku L'Mitzvos''


31) 05/08/19 Email received: "Hi Rabbi Hool, The problem with my left ear and the dizziness were better, but then they came back a few days ago. Is there anything I can do?" -This is why we recommend the kamiah to wear as protection from any new ayin horah after the procedure. This is the same kamiah that Rav Hool himself wears all the time and he feels it protects him during the procedure....(see here for kamiah).

32) 06/08/19- Rav Hool meets client who had chronic back issues affecting his ability to walk properly for many months. After asking how he is after the procedure he replies: "I guess it worked! I'll take it!" (We assume he means he'll 'take the procedure for real!')


33) 08/08/19- Procedure done for client who had woken with a numb hand, numb tongue, and then vomiting and fever. By the end of the day she had made full recovery.


34) 08/08/19- Rav Hool received call from client from Canada. "There was a marked improvement after the procedure and I feel the kamiah was protecting/helping me in unnatural ways especially with my parnossah! It was amazing...until.... I lost the kamiah!- So please send me another one! I also have to tell you that kamiah stopped me doing an aveyroh!..."


35) 08/08/19- Email received less than 24 hours after remote procedure "Thank you BH my pains are much better"


36) 08/08/19- Email received from girl who was despondent for many months with shidduchim "BS”D Hello, Rabbi Hool - I hope you are well. Thankfully a few matchmakers have contacted me. So it is better! Two of the ideas are of interest to me which is encouraging."


37) 12/08/19- Rather humorous email received: "BH parnossah working - just won £30 on the lottery....And that's without the Kamia!!!" This is the same woman as No 35 above. When asked "how are the health issues?" She replies "Yes BH so much better!!!"


38) 15/08/19- Email received from client- who had remote procedure three weeks ago "I am happy to report that the minor toothache that I had on the upper right side of my mouth (for the last several years) seems to have completely gone away. BH. Thank you."


39) 19/08/19- Email received: "Rabbi Hool, I’ve been feeling a bit less anxious lately. My chronic pain in my stomach eased up too. These are my thoughts: Maybe it’s what you did? Maybe it’s my קבלת מצוה which I’m Bli Neder keeping to it every day? Maybe it’s the פסוקים? Or a combination of everything together? Either way, I wanted to update you."


40) 25/08/19- Rav Hool meets client who had procedure a few weeks prior. He had just lost his job and was 'tzebrochon' from many other things. Baruch Hashem, he tells Rav Hool in a cheery mood "I think we can probably say it worked!"


41) 29/08/19-Rav Hool receives phone call from client who had procedure a few months ago for parnossoh. He tells Rav Hool "I do think there has been an improvement and I thank you greatly for that!" Boruch Hashem! 


42) 31/08/19-Procedure was done remotely for client for parnossoh on 26/08/19. He tells Rav Hool tonight that he had been waiting for a huge bank loan since December(!) and he just received the 'go-ahead' for the loan last week- a couple of days after the procedure!  


43) 04/09/19- Phone message received by a talmid chochom and high school rebbe who had a remote procedure three and a half weeks prior for himself and his wife: 

(Exact wording)"Good afternoon Rabbi Hool- I have three words to say to you "kol hakavod mamash!"- I've waited 'till today to see if all the things I wanted to happen- and my wife wanted to happen- have happened and I'm telling you- they all happened- up and until (including) yesterday. For a long, long time, we've waited for a lot of things to happen, but now they have all happened and therefore I wanted to say a 'gevaldigeh y'shekoach' ...we are really grateful to you! We're carrying on with the kabolos and carrying on with the pessukim and life is a very different situation! Thank you very, very much indeed! kol tuv... bye bye."

On a follow up call the client described numerous yeshuos, for example his wife was walking so much better immediately after the procedure, for the first time she had no digestive issues on holiday, and many other problems were sorted that had been ongoing for many months. Baruch Hashem!  


44) 05/09/19- Email received from client who did procedure for a shidduch for his 23 year old daughter:

"Following our conversation on Sunday, my daughter started dating someone that Wednesday. IYH, we are looking forward to making a L'chaim tonight. Thank you"


45) 06/09/19- Email received; "Baruch Hashem I had a major yeshua, when I got to the hospital the suspicious mass had disappeared so they sent me home without doing the biopsy."

"Baruch Hashem! Was the suspicious mass there before we did the procedure?"

I don't know because it had been two years since my prior mammogram when it wasn't there. After we did the procedure is when they found the two suspicious areas. Baruch Hashem one area came back to be non-cancerous and the other one disappeared"


46) 12/09/19- Husband meets Rav Hool after procedure for chronic headaches for his wife, he tells him  "She is much, much better- you have a direct line to shomayim!"


47) 13/09/19- Rav Hool receives phone call "My son's severe case of 'Bells palsey' in his face was completely cured within 2 weeks of your procedure!" 


48) 17/09/19 - Rav Hool notified by phone that both mother and father had major improvement B'H' immediately after procedures. (Procedure done for mother remotely as she was being rushed to hospital)


49) 19/09/2019- Rav Hool told on the phone "I feel much better! I think it worked!"


50) 23/09/19- Rav Hool asks client who had procedure for parnossoh if there has been improvement since the procedure. His emailed response: "B"H' Hashem been answering my Tefilos".


51) 23/09/19- Rav Hool receives call from client who had procedure for parnossoh: "Shortly after you did it- I had a tremendous breakthrough!"


52) 26/09/19 - Email received from client who had remote procedure on 21/09/19 (four days ago) who was suffering from mulitiple ailments: "Just letting you know the kamiah came today. Very quick!! Thanks. And BH I’m feeling very good!! No pains at the moment so BH. Thanks!!" 


53) 28/10/19- Phone call received from father who ordered procedure for his daughter two months prior "The was a definate improvement after the procedure..."


54) 29/10/19- Rav Hool meets client who had procedure a few months beforehand. He tells Rav Hool: "Yes, Boruch Hashem there was a definate improvement after the procedure". 


55) 03/11/19- email sent and received from client: "Hi, Here's what showed up: Anxiety, left arm or left side of torso elbow height, right shoulder, chest internal, right leg. I did my best to deal with it all-please let me know if she has any issues in the above and also when there is improvement IYH Best, Doniel"

Reply: "Thank you! All was true. She started feeling somewhat better within a short time of when you did it."


56) 08/11/19- Client calls Rav Hool, when asked if there was improvement soon after last procedure he replies: "Boruch Hashem- definately an uptick in parnossoh!"


57) 09/11/19- Voice message received "She had a blood test the day after (the procedure) and there seems to be- Boruch Hashem- some improvement, obviously we know it's all with Siyyatah Dishmayah and all the yad Hashem,.... we appreciate everything you've done- a 'groiseh shkoach'!"


58) 19/11/19- Rav Hool receives voicemail "I just wanted to give you a 'besuroh tova'- .......... has Boruch Hashem been doing 'fabulously!' since we had been in touch with you in the beginning....." This was a young woman with no job in a terrible mental state who refused to take medication for her condition. She is now happy, holding down two jobs, she is in demand as a teacher, and all this without medication.  


59) 22/11/19- Email received from son whose mother had procedure two weeks ago "Mother spoke very well of it, she is doing good."


60) 24/11/19- Rav Hool receives email: "Thanks- I’m feeling more positive thank G-d and my right foot pain has totally gone away which is amazing thanks." 


61) 09/12/19- Email received from client ordering another procedure for his relative, responding to query if his procedure worked: "B”H I had improvement......Yes I think it worked....there were parnossoh issues, sholom bayis issues and health issues"


62) 31/12/19- Rav Hool receives phone call, from mother of client who had the lead procedure specifically for an important genetic testing procedure, where doctors had to find something very specific in a short period of time. She tells Rav Hool "Boruch Hashem- we had a big yeshuoh in that area!" 


63) 1/1/20 - Email received from client who lost his kamiah and wants a replacement. We ask him by email: "Were there improvements in your life since we did the procedure?" His emailed response: "Yes, BH, and I want to keep this extra shmira going BEZH." 


64)- 05/1/20- Email received within 12 hours after procedure- for serious complex physical and emotional problems that had continued for over 8 months: "It worked........Thanks"


65) -12/01/20 - Email received from client who had the procedure 10 days ago: "Rabbi Hool, In follow-up to our session, the days after I felt as if I was going through a detox, I felt a purity of heart and clarity of mind. I am feeling a deep sense of menuchas hanefesh ongoing to date."


66, 67, 68, ) 29/01/20- Emailed received 24 hours after procedures for husband, wife and son: "Hi Rabbi Daniel my son had some of the symptoms you described and did feel a bit better/happier today my sleeping and my wife's has improved and we hope to see more improvement over the next few days With much appreciation."

69) 30/1/20 - Before procedure client emails Rav Hool: "....for over 20 years very little has gone right for me permanently. As something is going in my favour, something goes wrong. This has been the pattern professionally, socially, physically and mentally and emotionally."

Today, he sends the following email (2 weeks after procedure): "Boker Tov Rabbi Hool, My new daily routine is up and running well. So far so good. The reason I waited an extra week to contact you is for the 1st week I did not see or feel any improvements / changes. A few of the ailments have started to improve and I am hoping with a bit more time the balance will follow suite. Shabbat Shalom,..."


70) 09/02/20 -  Rav Hool receives phonecall: "I had pain in my legs for days- to the extent I couldn't walk. I woke up in the morning after the procedure and the pain has B'H' completely disappeared!"


71) 13/02/20- client tells Rav Hool on the phone immediately after procedure :"My neck was indeed hurting before the procedure- but the pain seems to have disappeared!"


72) 16/02/20- Email received from client "By the way, no big change physically but the day after you did the procedure:1) I got a ticket to Israel for pesach, 2) I got confirmation of 'Ok' from book publisher. Neither a suprise, but the timing was interesting." 


73) -16/02/20 Email received from client: "...After the ayin hora removal for my wife, she felt really great and was feeling much better in the side effects that you mentioned......" (This is a further improvement of client no 68 above). 


74) 24/03/20- Email received from 26 year old girl waiting for a shidduch:"I wanted to let you know that I bH got engaged on purim."- This was 3 months and 3 days after procedure.  


75), 76), 77)  08/04/20 -All three patients with coronavirus (one was intubated) have B'H' improved since procedure. 


78) 24/4/20 - On the phone Rav Hool is told "Yesterday (a day after procedure) was the first day in a very long time she woke up without headaches. Also this morning- only a bit of a headache..."


79) 24/4/20- Email received from client "Yes BH there has been improvement."


80) 25/04/20 -Email received: "I feel so grateful that we met you and we are actually both feeling lighter since the treatment! Ok I will definitely watch the shiur below and let you know what I think! I’m excited :)"


81) 25/04/20 -Email received "I have a tremendous amount of energy since you cleared the ayin hara. I have been davening with much more kavanah, learning more, and guarding my eyes, speech and thinking more carefully!"


82) 30/04/20 - Emailed received from client who Rav Hool saw in the lead had Coronavirus. "B"H, I'm off the oxygen for 2 days already. Hope to leave the Rehab before Shabbos to go home IY"H." In subsequent email he writes he came off the oxygen 12 hours after procedure after 26 days on oxygen!


83) 11/5/20- Emailed received from client: "Had to tell you it’s working. I’m going to keep seeing what’s going on before I write a follow up. But needed to already say thank you. Needed you to know."


84) 20/05/20- Emailed received from client:"The rashes went away. You may recall I was diagnosed with dle, a form of lupus which is essentially an allergy to sunlight. Following the last procedure and regular application of medicine, the rashes went as did the sun. Am now in the sunshine without sunblock and the rashes haven't come back yet. I was also in a motorcycle accident in February and got very lucky. A car hit me side on and knocked me off. Bli ayin horah I walked away without a single broken bone. (Still get flashbacks)."


85) 20/05/20- Email received from client: "Hi, Things are much better bH..."


86) 25/05/20- "Client feeling better after procedure." (relayed by phone) He suffered from kidney stones.


87) 25/05/20 Doctors had given up hope on client. A new doctor was found since procedure and performed (so far) successfull brain surgery B'H'


88)  01/06/20 - Phone call received telling us there was big improvement in the medical issue since procedure 3 months ago, and they wish to do another procedure to make sure 'things keep going in the right direction'.


89) 09/06/20- Email received from someone who was recommended to by a previous client who had a string of issues: "She said her daughter got a shidduch suggestion right after. And her daughters parnassah got better right away."

90)  09/06/20- On phone call Rav Hool is told "Things are going is getting better" When asked about his anxiety he replies "well.... when things go better the anxiety also goes better!"

91) 18/06/20- Email received 2 days after procedure after identifying problems with both legs: "left foot/leg maybe also right left leg and right knee.- Both are now much better."


92) 18/06/20- Client on phone tells Rav Hool he is already feeling better immediately after procedure. 


93) 28/06/20- Email received from client 10 days after procedure after many months of problems: "HI B"H DOING BETTER THANK YOU"


94) 30/06/20- Email received from client: "Shalom R' Daniel, Firstly, I wanted to let you know that B"H my father has a refuah shelima. IY"H by kol choilay Yisrael."


95)  01/07/20 -Emails received from client who had procedure 2 months prior for parnossoh (and sleep issues). Rav Hool sends email: "So would you say a success from the procedure?" His reply: "Yes".


96) 12/07/20 - Email received from client less than two weeks after procedure: "My energy levels have been very good, except on the fast day - but even that was better than my usual. That is the thing I have noticed the most, and it is also what I needed most. The first thing I noticed, however, was that there is no pain any more in my right shoulder when I sleep on it. I think some of the feelings of being overwhelmed, including the jaw clenching, are slowly getting better because with the energy increase I'm getting so much more done. They are not gone, but are getting better."


97) 22/07/20- Rav Hool receives email from client reporting that soon after ayin horah procedure (in which Rav Hool correctly identified problem with 'internal around navel -left side') she had a "medical miracle".

She writes in her email: "Yes he removed it with a procedure which is unheard of....My (medical) procedure was a miracle in itself. The dr said he’s never seen anything like it -unheard of.... he told me 'mazel tov' quite a few times . He thought I’d need surgery"

Boruch Hashem!!


98) - 07/8/20- Email received from client: "My mind is in better shape than before. Thank you Hashem. Thank you rabbi."

99)- 14/8/20- Rav Hool received phone call from client who's mother was hospitalised and in a terrible mental state "My mother definately feels more positive since the procedure- and that's the main thing! We have someone call her everyday and say the pessukim with her. We are sending you earth from Pressburgh for the kamayoh..."


100) 14/8/20 Rav Hool receives email a week after procedure: " ......B'H' doing amazingly well!! They are overwhelmed by her progress and she is gaining weight every day with a smile! B'H' I absolutely believe these special prayers, and your support have been a huge part of her progress and we will always be greatful to you for that."


`101) 17/8/20- Email received from client: "As far as the procedure goes, I wanted to wait for a little time to pass before emailing you to be sure if I felt any changes. My bouts with insomnia has definitely stopped & I do sleep a lot better. Also I think overall my energy level has also improved so thank you!...Also I forgot to mention about my face blemishes that I tried something new, like you suggested to me, a new method that seems to be clearing it up gradually, finally! Very happy to report that!"


102) 19/8/20 -Emailed received from client: "As requested I am giving you an update. BH since you did the removal of the AH for me I have had alot more energy, no migraines and I have actually started to lose some of the excess weight I was carrying...iyH more to follow!!


103) 02/9/20- Email received from client: "Well, it looks like the procedure certainly moved things on in the right direction..."


104) 06/9/20 Email received "Right after you did it last time I started to feel myself again and felt things starting to opening up for me...."

Admittedly, the client then goes on to say 'but that only lasted a short time...' however, she could well have received new ayin horah after the procedure, and she had not received the kamayoh for protection from new ayin horah -after the procedure.


105) 15/9/20 Email received: "B’H the pain in my left shoulder and neck is easing off after intensifying a lot, but there still is quite a bit of discomfort. I’ve also noticed that I have become much calmer, less tense. My wife noticed it and told me that it first started last Wednesday, the day you did the procedure..........

........has also been very calm. He actually davened Mincha and Maariv last Shabbos with a minyan, which he has not done for a long time."


106) 17/9/20 - Phone call received: "You did the procedure for my son who kept having repeated fever, and the doctors couldn't understand it. Everything B'H passed right after your procedure, so please can you do a procedure for my husband..." 


107) 5/10/20 - A man contacted Rav Hool requesting the procedure after doctors told him he has a growth in his stomach and will need chemotherapy and the removal of his entire stomach r'l'. On 5/10/20 Rav Hool recieved a phone call stating that after the procedure with the lead, the diagnosis was drastically changed and he had a successful operation to remove the tumor alone which left about 80% of healthy stomach tissue. The two bouts of chemotherapy are also not needed B'H'.