Removing Ayin Horah Remotely ‎─‎ Over the Phone


B'H' even if people did not always immediately get what they were searching for (e.g. an immediate shidduch) nevertheless they seemingly are often helped in whatever problem their ayin horah was causing.

Due to the sensitive nature of this service, and absolute client confidentiality, we cannot give testimonials on the web site, however the following are some of the recent success stories from people who were treated by Sheva Tiheyenoh.

In the later numbers (from 16 onwards) emails received from clients have been pasted onto this page. The emails are verified to be 100% genuine by an independant law firm!!


Please note the page "Correct Readings" mentioned in the document above- has since been renamed the "Precise Analyses" page.


The following will give you an idea of how IYH we can help you: In the following list 'done remotely' means the person treated was not present during the procedure, and were often in another country.

Success stories:


1) **People have reported immediate relief from chronic migraines, With one reporting sleeping through the night for the 'first time in years'. (done remotely)


2) **A man finally found a medication that worked for his pain after years of suffering. (done remotely)


3) **A medical solution was found for someone suffering from shoulder pain immediately after weeks of wrong diagnosis. (done remotely)


4) **A man suffering from chronic neck pain for years had relief shortly after procedure.


5) **A girl losing her hair found an immediate remedy and soon became a kalloh. (done remotely)


6) **Within 72 hours of ayin horah removal, a man with no parnossoh for 10 years was contacted by a bank from another country, and he now has a unique job with them.


7) **With two separate people- tooth complications were immediately sorted after months of unsuccessful treatment. (done remotely)


8) **A man received an unexpected high profile position after waiting years for it.


9) **A girl waiting years for a shidduch, became a kalloh soon after treatment by Sheva Tiheyenoh. (done remotely)


10) **People who claimed they were pursued by 'bad luck' reported a huge turnaround after removal of ayin horah.


11) **People have reported back that they have had an immediate tremendous 'yeshuoh' from 'problems they were unwilling to reveal' (done remotely)


12) **A non-religious woman was independently told by two separate 'kabbalists' she had a foreign 'spirit' in her body, but she claims it was removed after treatment by Sheva Tiheyenoh.


13) **A woman suffering from lower back pain for many weeks was cured within three days of the procedure. (done remotely)


14) **THIS WEEK!- Jan 2019- Someone ordered the procedure on behalf of a couple waiting 11 years for a child. Within a week of the pouring of the lead, they were informed the couple are expecting a baby IYH! (done remotely) (When Dovid HaMelech saw that six months after the Aron kodesh arrived to the house of Oved Edom, there was born to him 54 male babies , he saw that the Aron Kodesh brought brochoh (see Talmud Berachos 84a).- Even though the mothers must have become pregnant already 3 months before the Aron Kodesh arrived there! -Since the procedure done by Rav Hool involves various unique mitzvos, (to be explained on the phone before the procedure) it could be in this case, the mother became pregnant before the procedure in the zechus of the mitzvos that were going to be done during the procedure! After all, the future grandparents IYH received the good news only after  the procedure was done.

The Maharsham ztz''l actually uses this reasoning in a din Torah where a Rebbe gave a brochoh and it turned out the salvation was already 'in the pipeline' before the brochoh was given. The Maharsham proves from David Hamelech and the Aron that the salvation could still have been from the brochoh of the Rebbe!)


14) 06/2/19- We just received a call from the wife of a man who did the procedure two weeks ago for sleep problems. When asked if there was improvement since the procedure her response was "You cannot compare!''

She has ordered for two more people... 


15) 06/02/19- Procedure done remotely a few days previous for a dayan who had fever and sore throat. Today he tells Rav Hool ''already five minutes after the procedure I felt better! - Amazing!'' 



16) 10/02/19- Email received by Shevatiheyenoh: "Hi Rav Daniel!! Thanks !! First off BH!! My mother, after 3 months of wrong diagnosis and suffering they finally found out what was actually the issue! BH they put her on strong medication hopefully BH clear it all up! Amazing chasdei Hashem! BH for me I also feel a tremendous difference physically / mentally I generally have high anxiety BH BH after the procedure I feel a big difference in menuchat hanefesh / !! BH This is just a start BH"


17) 19/02/19- Man orders procedure for friend after success with his own remote procedure. He emails us "Yasher Kochachem! One day we will discuss the results of the work you did for me. B"H gevaldig!''


18) 19/02/19- Email received: "Hi Rabbi, hope you are well. Certainly some things changing in my life.. new job, and the ......... is moving along more swiftly. B"H.''


19) 20/02/19- We receive email from person who had remote procedure a five days ago "I definitely feel much lighter and more relaxed since you’ve done the procedures."


20) 2/03/19- Email received- "I just wanted to share the news that I Baruch Hashem passed the test I had spoken with you about. (This client had repeatedly failed an important exam she needed to pass) I want to thank Rabbi Hool again for removing my Ayin Haras!''


21) Shabbos 23/03/19- A man tells Rav Hool- "Remember you did the procedure and told me I have an issue with my left foot and I told you I have no issue at all! Well a few days later I had an accident and almost broke my left foot!" So it seems either the 'left foot-ayin horah' was detected but not destroyed, or indeed it was destroyed and that's why he didn't actually break his left foot!" (This has happened to a number of clients- where they had no ailments in the place identified in the lead, however shortly afterwards they had a 'lucky escape' with that very same limb.


22) 31/3/19- We receive email from woman with broken foot and stomach issues ( see 'The Lead Reveals' 11/02/19)- "BH everything healed amazingly! Thank you Hashem...''


23) 1/04/19- Rav Hool receives email from client three hours after procedure: "I already started to breathe easier. I felt as if something was putting pressure on me internally or something was blocking me. Thank you!''


24) 14/04/19- Rav Hool receives phone call from client who ordered two remote procedures a few weeks ago, telling us the diagnosis in both cases was absolutely accurate and in both cases there was definite improvement immediately after procedure, with massive improvement in one case.


25) 05/05/19- We receive email from someone who did the procedure for a shidduch a few weeks ago. She tells us that although she is still waiting for a shidduch, immediately after the procedure was done for her (same night) she finally received a work permit that she had been waiting for-for a long time.