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The Kamiah (amulet)


'Sheva Tiheyenoh' highly recommends the purchase of a kamiah (amulet) that includes a holy text written by a sofer yerei shomayim on special deer-skin parchment according to the precise instructions of a leading 'acharon' (a well known scholar from over 100 years ago) that is worn as a necklace after doing the pouring of the lead. The sefer quoting the original author of the kamiah has the haskamah of Rav Ovadia Yosef ztz'l. 

It is designed to be light and extremely comfortable to wear, so that the wearer will want to have it with him/her all the time. This kamiah is powerful at protecting the wearer not only from ayin horah, but from all harm.


In the original text from the acharon he writes "yisleh olov" (''hang it upon the person'') -which implies it doesn't have to be worn around the neck, and keeping it in the pocket/wallet/purse should also help, although we cannot be 100% sure about this.


In the author's own words when describing this kamiah: "A very fine and important segulah- tried and tested a thousand times (!).....''


The following is taken from no 33) of the 'Success stories' page above "There was a marked improvement after the procedure and I feel the kamiah was protecting/helping me in unnatural ways especially with my parnossah! It was amazing...until.... I lost the kamiah!- So please send me another one! I also have to tell you that kamiah stopped me doing an aveyroh!..."


We also add some 'rudah herb' to the kamiah which is mentioned in the Peleh Yoetz as being particularly powerful at protecting from ayin horah.   


In order to make this kamiah - we need a small amount of earth from the city the recipient was born in (less than a quarter of a teaspoon). If you were born in New York or London or Israel, we can make the kamiah immediately, however if you were born in a different city, then either you can send us by post some of this earth- or we can send you the kamiah- but you must add the earth into it yourself. (Instructions will be provided).


Rav Hool used to regularly become ill after doing the procedure of pouring the lead until he started to wear this Kamiah that is a shemirah from ayin horah and all harm.


The Kamiah is laminated, double wrapped (kis besoch kis) and contained in a leather (or synthetic leather - that is actually stronger than leather) pouch. Each kamiah is measured to fit snugly into its unique leather pouch and has a special thin -but extremely strong cord to ensure absolute comfort so the wearer will not even know he is wearing it. Being double/triple wrapped, the kamiah can be worn in the bathroom etc.


Important: Wearing the kamiah on shabbos in a place without an eruv is questionable. It should be avoided unless otherwise instructed by a competent rav.