Removing Ayin Horah Remotely ‎─‎ Over the Phone


HaRav Doniel Hool Shlita

Sheva Tiheyenoh is a service run by Rav Doniel Hool to destroy ayin horah, and to protect from new ayin horah after removal

Rav Doniel Hool was born in London England. His illustrious father HaRav Moshe Hool shlitah was a community Rov in Kingsbury London for over 40 years and pioneered some of the most important Torah endeavours of Torah Jewry in the U.K. including building the first United Synagogue Mikveh.


Rav Moshe Hool shlita received semicha from Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer ztz"l and Rav Chatzkel Sarna ztz''l. He was also a talmid of other gedolei Yisroel including Rav Leib Gurvitz ztz''l, Rav Nachman Landinsky ztz''l and Rav Eliyahu Dessler ztz''l.


Rav Doniel's late mother -Rebbetzen Sheina Mindel O"h, was a tzaddekess who was descended from a long line of gedolei Torah and kabboloh. Her mother's father was Rav Zalman Pinchos Kaplan ztz''l the son-in-law of the Meir Le'Olam.  


Rav Doniel lives in Yerusholayim, He has 9 children and four grandchildren. He has been learning Torah full time for 30 years. He has studied in Yeshivas Mercaz HaTorah, Gateshead yeshivah, by Rav Binyomin Moscovitz shlita, Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky shlita and has studied for twelve years in Ponevez yeshivah and 12 years in Mir Yerusholayim.

He has recently finished authoring the sefer 'Meshorey Kitrin' on all the tosafos in Maseches Kesubos- soon to be published IYH.

Rav Hool received the Duke Of Edinburgh's Gold award from His Royal Highness in the Royal Palace London, and was the first shomer-shabbos youth from London - in the history of the award- to receive it. His Royal Highness The Duke Of Edinburgh- famously examined his tzizis during the presentation!


Rav Hool is also 'famous' for discovering with S'Dishmayah, the meaning of an enigmatic text from the Chinuch that has baffled Torah scholars for generations. (click here: ''Tiheyenoh''



Some of his audio lectures are available on Kol Halashon and

Moreynu Rosh Hayeshivah- Harav Hagaon Rav Gershon Edelstein shlitah, discussing divrey Torah with Rav Hool in Rav Hool's home in 1997.

Moreynu Rosh Yeshivas Gateshead- Harav Hagaon Rav Avrohom Gurvitz shlitah with Rav Hool in 2005