Removing Ayin Horah Remotely ‎─‎ Over the Phone


It’s important understand that Rav Hool is literally ‘going to war’ on your behalf to destroy the Ayin Horah. Rav ‎Hool feels that the Siyyatah Dishmayah (Heavenly help) he has in successfully helping people is because he insists on a ‘Kabolas Mitzvah’.

This ‎means that the person who has the procedure done for them (or the person ordering it on their behalf) should ‎undertake to strengthen themselves in a Mitzvah of their choice. They do not need to tell Rav Hool what their ‎Kaboloh is.‎

Now, this is not a verbal promise, or ‘Neder’, and you don’t need to worry if you miss doing it a few times – Rav Hool ‎just needs your wholehearted intention to keep it when he does the procedure for you. In fact, that’s why he asks ‎you to consider something small and manageable. It could be saying a Brochoh with extra concentration, being particular to ‎recite ‘Modeh Ani’ each morning, or increasing in Torah study and so on. It needs to be a genuinely sincere undertaking, ‎therefore it needs to be manageable and within your reach. Rav Hool once told a non-religious couple, “There is a Halochoh that you should put on your right shoe before your left. ‎I ask you to be particular to do this from now”.

Some people have undertaken to increase in their Kavonoh each day when ‎putting on their Talis and reciting the Brochoh. Others have resolved to saying the 23rd chapter of Tehilim, “Mizmor ‎le’Dovid, Hashem Ro’ey” during a meal - this takes twenty seconds to recite, elevates a mundane meal to a holy one, ‎and is also Segulah for Parnosoh.‎

Some people who perform the procedure for removing Ayin Horah do not require the person they are helping to ‎do anything. However, Rav Hool feels that ‎the ‘Kabolas Mitzvah’, undertaking an improvement in performing Mitzvos, is ‎a holy partnership that is integral to the procedure’s success. He only agrees to do the procedure if a ‘Kabolas ‎Mitzvah’‎ is made.‎