Removing Ayin Horah Remotely- Over the phone!

Please click on these links to hear inspiring (half hour) lectures in English -unrelated to ayin horah-from Rav Doniel Hool

Rosh Hashonoh (52 minutes)

Below is the photograph relating to the amazing story at the end of the shiur (40:15) : 


The amazing, true, terrifying documented detailed account of a baal teshuvah who describes exactly what happened to him in Heaven when he faced judgment before the 'Heavenly court' for his sins. This detailed account was revealed in a dream over 350 years ago.

Shemiras Ha'Eynayim (59 minutes)

Email received after someone listened to this lecture: "Woe- very powerful, very real It was a big חיזוק I want you should know the first time I feel in a shmooze someone is talking to me."

A few weeks later- same person writes "Hi rabbi thanks so much for the חיזוק on שמרית עינים I have a clear Mind I don’t feel disgusting about myself" 


Why Did G-d Create The World?(30 minutes)

(listen from 22:30 seconds to hear an amazing explanation why women make a brochoh 'Sheasani Kirtzono' in the morning!)

There is no video clip yet