Removing Ayin Horah Remotely- Over the phone!

151) 2/9/21 -Email received: "Thank you Rabbi Hool. I have noticed a more up-beat, happy, communicative, relaxed daughter since last week and thank you very much for all your efforts......" Second email received two weeks after: "Just wanted to let you know that today I bumped into someone who is very close to my daughter and she straight away said how much she had noticed she was much more like her old self again. BORUCH HASHEM!!!!!!!! It just made me feel that I wasn't imagining it."


152) 2/9/21 -Email received: "My husbands anxiety is much better. He doesnt have any lower back pain anymore. His teeth dont hurt since you mentioned it, he went to the dentist. He still gets leg cramps although not as awful and often as he used to."


153) 2/9/21 Email received: "My daughter ....... is having more healing and clarity in her life. She seems to have a lot of open brocha. Her eyesight has improved and her life so far seems to be in order. Her health is improving as well."


154/155) 2/9/21 Email received: "My sons are both feeling well physically. BH they are in school and happy. Learning well and making friends. My youngest son struggled last year to a degree. I feel that is different this year. Something changed for him."


156) 3/9/21- Rav Hool receives phone call from client who claims her procedure was indeed a success. She says she has married off three children since her procedure with IyH a baby on the way, and the procedure helped her 'get back on her feet' after a painful divorce.


157) 10/9/21- Rav Hool is told corona patient is feeling much better a day after procedure and is able to leave his house.


158/159/160 - 11/9/21 Rav Hool receives phone call from client who reports successes with three procedures: ".....She has definitely come back to herself and her confidence since the wife's pain has completely gone, and we definitely saw an improvement with our other daughter..."

161) 5/9/21 Message received by Rav Hool; "I feel less bothered ב'ה by the רע I spoke to you about. In fact I met some of the people a couple of times since you left and it's much more managable...."


162) 16/9/21 Email received from older couple who were waiting two years for pregnancy before doing procedure: "Hi Rav Hool, I hope all's well and that you had a meaningful Yom Kippur. Just wanted to let you know that good news—my wife is expecting. Thank you so much for all your help and tefillos...."


163) 8/10/21 -Rav Hool receives phone call from cleint telling him that shortly after the procedure he found a cure that's significantly helping him with his migrains.


164) 9/10/21 Email received from client: " Gut voch Rav Hool Hope all is well. Please can you do the procedure Sunday night? Need major financial yeshua! BH I've always seen amazing results with you...."


165) 9/10/21- Rav Hool is approached by client who did the procedure for parnossoh 3 weeks prior. He tells Rav Hool "It's amazing I've been searching for work for months and suddenly I was called by an institution 'begging' to employ me on whatever terms I want!!!"